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Bit Of Charity

Donate spare computer time to raise money for the charity of you're choosing.

If you would like to make a donation to Bitofcharty directly to help us get off the ground. You can send crypto to any of the wallets at listed below.

Wallet Info:

Bitcoin (BTC) :31j1A3tMHZawjcRrNVjxvg512h5Nt4iKPo

Bitcoin Cash(BCH):qrp8g7q6suryggfkdz7ws5ks75pr8md8syujwdtmte

Dash (DASH) :XgE9EF3c87MrmyVyaBLsVEZJz3zLSnRTzG

Ethereum (ETH):0xb20CA129c53EC7d43F247A988065D1708d64EFC0

Ethereum Classic (ETC):0x5397307250614173BBb616E32885647829996159

Litecoin  (LTC) :MWn9regVAAYiUUjM9Ph2tWjRJysEaLgu2L

Zcash (ZEC) :t1JpUmbWMGrQZTxTiMhhEVhRYQtCXrx4YZH

Ravencoin: RGzKZDWfcBgy6GnGjceBNxBnQnQKJaU9on plans on using Monero (XMR) to ensure privacy of its donors from political pressure.

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